Donations to Shaolin Zen

I’ve developed a business plan for our parent school SHAOLIN CHI MANTIS.

This business plan will create a beautiful temple in North Hollywood capable of having two changing rooms with showers, two workout areas and a sales counter with waiting area.  35′ x 50′ is the minimum we can work with.

I’ve been living as a Shaolin Monk since 2011, travelling in my Tacoma truck.  I’m anxious to settle down and get my computer out of storage and set up my recording studio… So I obviously don’t have the collateral for a $200,000 loan.  I even tried getting $30,000 to set up a small yoga studio, but I haven’t had a stagehand job since I turned 60.

So donations could be the path to our mutual success.

I, we, the school, and all those connected to us–appreciate your support and donations if you can afford it.  If not, hang out long enough and I’ll make something happen… somehow!




Buddha Zhen