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Tai Chi Youth has developed programs for youth at risk at all grade levels from 1st grade up. Buddha Zhen's curriculums include art work and Chinese dance. These classes have been taught in prisons, rehabs, grad schools and numerous Utah churches with amazing results.

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May 8, 1998, Salt Lake City, Utah. Looking south out the third story window of St Mark's Hospital, the rain poured incessantly The larger than usual drops created a river in the street below that stretched from sidewalk to sidewalk. The underground flood drains filled to the brink as could be witnessed by a street drain below our window that gushed water almost two feet in the air like a little geyser.

Somehow all the tempest seemed appropriate as T-Rex synchronized the wind swayed trees in staggered rhythms. Oddly, none of the Utah born nurses knew who T-Rex was. They also commented that Utah women rarely make use of the labor room stereo. They said that no one ever brought their own CDs to listen to either.

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Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang received a $150 Popular Music award from ASCAP, the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers. This award recognizes both the live solo flute performances and the Tai Chi Youth Teams' use of Buddha Zhen's Chinese style music recordings. The song "Tai Chi Magic" was written for the TCY Performance Team to perform the Yang Style Taiji Short Form to. Based upon the preexisting choreography of the Taiji Short Form, the song "Tai Chi Magic" was composed with every 2 quarter notes equaling either an inhale or exhale of the students performing the Chinese Form.

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Preparing for relocation in Southern California, Zhen Shen-Lang also prepared newly revised curriculums. "Actually, I was combining the various class curriculums in only some slightly different ways. What made it easy was having so many successful curriculums to pull from. It was still very laborious. It took most of 1998 to create this new curriculum. My intention was to create a 1 year curriculum that contained every first year Beginner lesson." Buddha Zhen pauses and smiles. "It took longer than I expected but I did it."

Go Zhen!!! - ed.

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