Buddha Zhen in Utah 1994
Buddha Zhen

Buddhist Scientist,
American Philospher,
Poet, Novelist, Essayist,
Composer, Musician,
Kung Fu Shifu,
Tai Chi Master,


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The Stupa

Shaolin Stupa LogoOur logo for Shaolin Zen is the Shaolin Communications logo
with a "stupa" in the center.

A stupa is just a glorified headstone.

"Glory" is the important part.

You don't get a stupa unless you earned it.

Supposedly, the monks with HUGE STUPAS. some over 50' tall, at the Shaolin Temple on Mt. Songshan, were real-life heroes.


We need more heroes in the world.

Maybe that's because we're not rewarding them with stupas.

That's one of my goals. I don't want to be human cigarette. I want to be planted.

Mark my body with a stupa. I wonder if anyone knows how to make one of those in America?

Buddha, the Original Buddha, Siddhartha Gautarma, requested "... a monument be risen where people can come and remember me."

It worked for him. He's still popular.

Hey! I'm not competing with him. I'm 52 years old and still in awe of Buddha's genius.

Hey! Maybe I am competing with Buddha. Unlike my little brothers who chose not to compete with me in school, just because I got 'straight-A's,' I'm excited to compete with Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, St. John, St. Christopher (oh yeah, did they remove his sainthood?), Elvis Presley, or John Lennon.

Compare me to them.

I set high ideals for myself.

You can too.

However, I'm going to be a saint in my own way.

My path is mine, not theirs, or anyone else's.

Several religions have asked me to join them, even some Buddhist ones.

I'm a maverick saint, a solo buddha, a spiritual warrior, a man, and I'm a boy.

I love being alive.

Chinese Signature CHOP of Master Zhen Shen-Lang
Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang
"Spirit Wolf of Truth"
Patriarch of Shaolin Zen

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