Buddha Zhen in Utah 1994
Buddha Zhen

Buddhist Scientist,
American Philospher,
Poet, Novelist, Essayist,
Composer, Musician,
Kung Fu Shifu,
Tai Chi Master,


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The Eightfold Path

When I was a young Kung Fu student, I practiced in 'tens.'

When I became an avid Buddhist, I changed many exercises to an 'eight' count.

I continued to do 10 pushups, just to reassure myself that Buddhism wasn't a 'copout.'

The EIGHTFOLD PATH is detailed in the journey of our exclusive FOLK ROCK ARTIST, American Zen, on our record label, Shaolin Records.

Over the course of 8 albums, the zen pups are to achieve Zen Buddhist Spiritual Enlightenment.

Visit their www.americanZEN.org website for an amusing, entertaining, journey into Zen Buddhism as these California beach boys follow the "Eightfold Path" to nirvana and enlightenment.

This is also why I have my students practice their Tai Chi, and Kung Fu Forms, 8 times per day.

What happened to me, I hope will happen to them.

My mind, creative and playful, sought ways to make the "8" more fun.

A different coin, in my stack of coins, represented a different Kung Fu attitude in my practice. A certain shaped rock might look like a tiger's tooth, or a dragon, or a snake, or be white like a crane... So these perceptions would animate my life, making it more interesting.

As you can guess. Most people are too lazy to ever get to where they enjoy practicing anything!

How many of you enjoyed practicing the piano?

How many of you have ever enjoyed practicing anything?

What was it? How good did you get? How long did you do it for? Why did you quit?

Practice makes perfect.

That's what I was taught. Fortunately for me. I believed them.

Chinese Signature CHOP of Master Zhen Shen-Lang
Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang
"Spirit Wolf of Truth"
Patriarch of Shaolin Zen

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